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Welcome to Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living. Nate Boswell, Scott Monson, and Gene Spaulding established Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living of Hyrum in 2017. Please read more about us and our company SAL Management Group at  It is our goal to create and provide a safe home-like environment for each of our residents and Super Caregivers.  The way we provide this environment is by making our communities beautiful, clean, and delivering “WOW” experiences.

We also wanted to provide a great working environment for our SUPER Caregivers and make sure that they are dedicated to providing the best care and services to our residents. Our SUPER Caregivers are committed to providing the following to our residents:

Delivering “WOW” Experiences
Being Flexible and Teachable
Being Responsible
Being Compassionate
Creating Positive Interactions
Building Staff Synergy
Creating a Home-Like Environment
Being a SUPER Caregiver
Creating Fun, Smiles, and Laughter

We know that if your loved one is in need of Assisted Living then Blacksmith Fork is a wonderful place to call home.

Nate Boswell, Scott Monson, Gene Spaulding


Blacksmith Fork Family

Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living provides a friendly and social living environment, just like home. You will meet new friends and feel they are part of your family. Our staff members are dedicated, well-trained caregivers, and compassionate people.

They will treat you with the up-most respect, privacy, and consideration. From laughing and playing your favorite card game, to being right there for you through happy and sad times, you will feel close to home by joining our extended family.

Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living
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